Standing Tall Cabinet Up to the Wall

These photos show how I stood the cabinet up once it was completely assembled and all the cams were tightened.
The cribbing is higher for this install because of a 6” high foundation curb (I had to deal with that on the other wall). Most will be closer to 4” at which point you will need 4.5” of cribbing. Three 2x4’s would work for that height.
Carefully lift the cabinet by the legs and slide it onto the front edge of the cribbing. Make sure the cribbing clears the leg base. Stand the cabinet up and slide to the wall. Lower the legs just a bit, if necessary, and then tip the cabinet left to right to remove the cribbing, finish leveling and setting the height.
Important: Locate where studs will be and predrill holes in the cabinet before standing it up.