How wide are your base cabinets?

Our base cabinets come in 3" increments from 9" - 36".

How many shelves come with the base cabinets?

The number of shelves included in the base cabinets depends on the dimensions of the base cabinet. (Read more)

What size is the trash bin cabinet?

The dimensions of the trash bin are 31"H x 16.5"W x 22.5"D.

Do you sell rolling cabinets?

At this time we do not have rolling cabinet but this is something that we will be adding at a later date.

Do you sell casters for under the cabinets?

We currently do not offer casters.

What height should my base cabinets be if I want to use them as a workbench?

Your base cabinets should be 35-inches tall if you want to use them as a workbench.

How deep are your base cabinets?

Our base cabinets are 22.5" deep.

Can you provide an opening on the countertop for a sink?

We do not provide openings on the countertop for sinks.

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