What type of hinges are used?

hinge.jpg For more than 25 years we have used a European style hinge made in Italy, the brand is Salice (pronounced Sal-eech-ee).

We use tens of thousands of these hinges every year without a single failure. Don't be fooled there are many inexpensive imported hinges that look similar to a Salice hinge, but they are not, there is a big difference. As mentioned, here are certainly less expensive options for hinges, but when you find something that works without failures, you keep it.

Salice hinges provide 6 way adjustment to easily adjust the door gaps so your doors are perfectly aligned.

Our standard hinge is the self closing type, as an option we offer soft close hinges also. (Salice is one of very few that manufacture a soft closing hinge that is engineered to work in extreme cold and hot temperatures).

As you know the garage environment can be challenging for hardware, you will be pleased to know that the hinges and all other hardware we use has a Lifetime Warranty.