What are the shelves made out of?

Our shelves are high 3/4 inch thick M2 Industrial Grade Melamine.

Melamine is a generic term used in the woodworking industry for material that is used for building cabinets. The material is made using sustainably grown wood chips combined with resin to create a very stable board that receives a smooth, moisture resistant, and cleanable surface.

We use 3/4” M2 Industrial Grade Melamine with InCopper™ antimicrobial technology, that protects the surface against fungi and mold that can cause stains and odor. This technology is ideal for interiors where humid conditions are likely to expose the surface of the panel to harmful microbes.

Our background is in large commercial cabinet/casework projects. We have been providing cabinets to business's, schools and medical facilities for 30+ years, and in most cases the architects specify melamine for the cabinet material.