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What type of measurement is used in your design tool?

The measurements that we use in our design tool are in inches.

Where can I find instructions on how to assemble cabinets?

We have videos on our website explaining how to assemble and install all of our cabinets. (Read More)

What material are the drawers made out of?

Our dovetailed drawers are made of 12 Ply Birch plywood. (Read more)

What is the weight limit of the drawers?

Each drawer holds up to 100 lbs.

Do you offer cabinet fillers?

Yes, cabinet fillers are available. Please reach out to your assigned design specialists for more details.

How far do the drawer boxes come out?

All of our drawers come out fully.

Do you sell the parts bin container individually?

No. The grey containers shown in the picture come with the specialty parts cabinet.

How many bins are in the parts bin cabinet?

There are 40 bins included in the parts bin cabinet.

Are your overhead storage racks built in the USA?

Our overhead storage racks are not built in the USA.

What is the size of the backsplash?

The size of the backslash differs from one countertop to another. (Read more)