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What are the heights available for your base cabinets?

We have 2 heights available for our base cabinets. We have a 35" and 27.5" high.

What height should my base cabinets be if I want to use them as a workbench?

Your base cabinets should be 35-inches tall if you want to use them as a workbench.

How does melamine hold up to liquids and chemicals?

Melamine holds up very well. (Read More)

Can the cabinets be wall mounted only?

They are designed to be attached to the wall with legs (Read More)

Do you offer under cabinet lighting?

We do not offer under cabinet lighting. (Read More)

What are your shipping rates?

Our shipping rates vary. (Read More)

What are your cabinets made out of?

Our cabinets are made out of wood (Read more)

What type of measurement is used in your design tool?

The measurements that we use in our design tool are in inches.

What type of hinges are used?

For more than 25 years we have used Salice European style hinges (Read More)

What is melamine?

The material is made using sustainably grown wood chips combined with resin to create a very stable board that receives a smooth, moisture resistant, and cleanable surface. (Read More)

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