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What material are the drawers made out of?

Our dovetailed drawers are made of 12 Ply Birch plywood. (Read more)

Do you sell rubber matting to put inside the cabinets?

At this moment we currently do not sell rubber matting.

What is the weight limit of the drawers?

Each drawer holds up to 100 lbs.

What is the height of the small drawer on the 5-drawer cabinet?

The height of those 2 smaller drawers are 3-1/2".

What is the inside height of the 4-drawer?

The inside height of the 4-drawers is 7-3/8".

What is the leg room size I should have between my base cabinets for a sitting area?

The leg room should be a minimum of 24". This allows plenty of room to move your legs around while sitting down.

Can you provide an opening on the countertop for a sink?

We do not provide openings on the countertop for sinks.

How deep are your base cabinets?

Our base cabinets are 22.5" deep.

How wide are your base cabinets?

Our base cabinets can either be 32.25" or 16.5" wide.