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How many shelves come with the upper cabinets?

The number of shelves included in the upper cabinets depends on the dimensions of the upper cabinet. (Read more)

How much weight does a shelf hold?

Each shelf holds up to 50 lbs. Unless you are storing extremely heavy items, 50lbs per shelf is typically sufficient.

What are the shelves made out of?

Our shelves are high 3/4 inch thick M2 Industrial Grade Melamine. (Read More)

Can I purchase additional shelves?

Yes, you can purchase as many shelves as you need. (Read more)

Are the shelves adjustable?

Yes, all of our shelves are adjustable.

How much weight does each cabinet leg hold?

Each cabinet legs holds 400 lbs.

How far from the back are the legs in?

The legs are 1/2" from the back. (Read more)

How high are the cabinet legs?

Our cabinet legs are 4" tall and can be extended. (Read more)

Do you sell casters for under the cabinets?

We currently do not offer casters.

Do you sell rolling cabinets?

At this time we do not have rolling cabinet but this is something that we will be adding at a later date.