What height should my base cabinets be if I want to use them as a workbench?

Your base cabinets should be 35-inches tall if you want to use them as a workbench.

Do you sell notch hooks?

Notch hooks have been discontinued.

How far do the drawer boxes come out?

All of our drawers come out fully.

What type of hinges are used?

For more than 25 years we have used Salice European style hinges (Read More)

Are the shelves adjustable?

Yes, all of our shelves are adjustable.

What is the leg room size I should have between my base cabinets for a sitting area?

The leg room should be a minimum of 24". This allows plenty of room to move your legs around while sitting down.

How many shelves come with the upper cabinets?

The number of shelves included in the upper cabinets depends on the dimensions of the upper cabinet. (Read more)

Can you provide an opening on the countertop for a sink?

We do not provide openings on the countertop for sinks.

Do you sell casters for under the cabinets?

We currently do not offer casters.

What is the weight limit of the drawers?

Each drawer holds up to 100 lbs.