Can the cabinets be wall mounted only?

They are designed to be attached to the wall with legs (Read More)

How high are the cabinet legs?

Our cabinet legs are 4" tall and can be extended. (Read more)

Can I see your cabinets before I order?

Yes, we have sample kits available (read more)

What is the size of the backsplash?

The size of the backslash differs from one countertop to another. (Read more)

Are the cabinets shipped assembled?

They are not (Read more)

How wide are your base cabinets?

Our base cabinets come in 3" increments from 9" - 36".

How much weight does a shelf hold?

Each shelf holds up to 50 lbs. Unless you are storing extremely heavy items, 50lbs per shelf is typically sufficient.

What are the heights available for the tall cabinet?

Our standard height for tall cabinets is 80" but we can modify that height up to 86" anywhere from 50" to 86" high.