What are the heights available for the tall cabinet?

Our standard height for tall cabinets is 80" but we can modify that height up to 86" anywhere from 50" to 86" high.

Do you offer cabinet fillers?

Yes, cabinet fillers are available. Please reach out to your assigned design specialists for more details.

What type of measurement is used in your design tool?

The measurements that we use in our design tool are in inches.

Does the backsplash come attached to the countertop?

The backsplash is sent unattached to the countertop.

How come when I am in the design tool, my total order shows up with 3 countertops but there's only 2 on my actual design?

What you see in the order total are the pieces needed to make up for the countertop space that you need. (Read more)

What is your warranty?

10 years on WorkSpace Cabinets. Lifetime on hardware. Read our complete Warranties.

How far from the back are the legs in?

The legs are 1/2" from the back. (Read more)

Do you sell standalone countertops?

Yes, we sell standalone countertops.

How thick is the countertop?

The Maple butcherblock is 1-3/4 inch thick. The black impact coating is 1-1/8 inch thick. The laminate countertops are 1-1/4 inch thick.

How much weight does each cabinet leg hold?

Each cabinet legs holds 400 lbs.