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How far do the drawer boxes come out?

All of our drawers come out fully.

What material are the drawers made out of?

Our dovetailed drawers are made of 12 Ply Birch plywood. (Read more)

What size is the trash bin cabinet?

The dimensions of the trash bin are 31"H x 16.5"W x 22.5"D.

Do you sell rolling cabinets?

At this time we do not have rolling cabinet but this is something that we will be adding at a later date.

Do you sell standalone countertops?

Yes, we sell standalone countertops.

Does the recycling center come in 2 separate bins?

Yes, these bins can be placed side by side or separate. They are not attached.

Are the shelves adjustable?

Yes, all of our shelves are adjustable.

What if my order arrives damaged or missing parts?

We pack everything carefully but accidents can happen. Call us immediately and we'll work with you to get the situation resolved.

How wide are your base cabinets?

Our base cabinets can either be 32.25" or 16.5" wide.

Do you sell casters for under the cabinets?

We currently do not offer casters.