What are the heights available for your base cabinets?

We have 2 heights available for our base cabinets. We have a 35" and 27.5" high.

Can I order a countertop longer than what my base cabinets are?

Absolutely. You can order as much countertop as you need, just contact a project manager for pricing.

How can I become a dealer for Garagecabinets.com

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What is the finish on the Maple Butcher Block countertop?

The finish on the countertop is a UV cured clear protective finish.

How deep are your base cabinets?

Our base cabinets are 22.5" deep.

Do you sell standalone countertops?

Yes, we sell standalone countertops.

What size is the trash bin cabinet?

The dimensions of the trash bin are 31"H x 16.5"W x 22.5"D.

What is the leg room size I should have between my base cabinets for a sitting area?

The leg room should be a minimum of 24". This allows plenty of room to move your legs around while sitting down.