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What is the finish on the Maple Butcher Block countertop?

The finish on the countertop is a UV cured clear protective finish.

Are the cabinets shipped assembled?

They are not (Read more)

Can I order a countertop longer than what my base cabinets are?

Absolutely. You can order as much countertop as you need, just contact a project manager for pricing.

How does melamine hold up to liquids and chemicals?

Melamine holds up very well. (Read More)

What are your shipping rates?

Our shipping rates vary. (Read More)

How much weight does each cabinet leg hold?

Each cabinet legs holds 400 lbs.

How can I cut the slatwall?

You can cut the slatwall with a sabre saw/jigsaw or any circular chop saw like a table saw blade or any wood working saw.

Does the backsplash come attached to the countertop?

The backsplash is sent unattached to the countertop.